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The ‘Williams Syndrome Inclusive Learning Profile’

The ‘Williams syndrome inclusive learning profile’ (Tynan, 2014) is a holistic framework to ensure that educators are aware of eight different components of the WS learning profile which impact on the educational inclusion of learners with WS, their learning processes and learning outcomes. These eight components are: academic, physical/sensory, social, emotional, behavioural, participation and engagement, life skills and self-esteem/belonging. It is a reminder of the need to develop the full learning potential of the student rather than over-emphasising academic development alone to ensure the learner can participate as fully as possible in society and lead a fulfilling life. The successful inclusion of learners with WS, in any educational placement, is dependent on an awareness of each of these eight components. You may find this a useful starting point in selecting priority learning needs for the learner’s individual education plan.


The ‘Williams Syndrome Inclusive Learning Profile’ (Tynan, 2014)

When developing any of the eight components of the learning profile it is essential to motivate with the interests of the learner, capitalise on her strengths and understand her challenges. Each component is now presented. Firstly there is a profile of this component in most learners with WS (it is unlikely any learner with WS will have all of the features as described). This is followed with practical strategies devised by Irish teachers and parents on how you might support the development of this component with the learner.

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Physical Sensory




Participation and Engagement

Life Skills



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