Williams Syndrome Association Ireland


1. Visit different placements, mainstream, special and special classes from when your child is aged three. Special
schools usually have an open day, start going to these days to see what they offer.
2. Talk to parents of children who go to these schools and find out what their experiences are.
3. Visit several mainstream placements so you are not over-whelmed if a principal makes you feel your child would not
be welcome.
4. Seek to have a psychological assessment done as early as is possible so you can make contact with schools with
‘real’ information.
5. Fill out enrolment forms in time and be honest in your description of your child’s needs.
6. WS is a complex condition, no educational placement is perfect.
7. Your child is likely to be happy wherever she is placed.

Remember you are not alone in this decision. If you would like to make contact with any member of the WSAI committee you are welcome to do that. In addition, you can contact Fionnuala  Tynan, at fionnuala_tynan@eircom.net, for specific education-related information.


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