FEWS Community Participation in WS International Anxiety and Well Being Study

This message is from the UK Research Team at Durham University who are conducting a European wide study on anxiety and well being in children with WS:

Thank you for all your help and support and that of the whole FEWS community in sharing the questionnaire for our anxiety and family well-being in Williams syndrome international study, we really appreciate this.


We have reached the end of our initial data collection period and are so thrilled to have 177 families who have taken part, from 20 countries around the world. We wouldn’t have been able to reach this many families without the help and support of all of the FEWS charities, and so we really are so grateful for this. I have attached an updated infographic so you can see how the data is looking and how this compares to the mid-way findings that I have previously sent through.

WS Internation Study on Anxiety and Well Being

WS Anxiety and Well Beilg Study Infographic 2

We are really hoping to reach at least 200 families, with around 20 families from each region (where possible) in order to draw some firm conclusions from the data and compare across regions. We also have a couple of regions still coming online including Slovakia and Japan. We have therefore decided to extend the deadline for families taking part to Friday 30th July (and this will be extended further for new countries joining soon). It would be great if we could reach as many families as possible involved to increase our understanding of these issues across the globe.

Thank you for your support on the project and best wishes

Debbie, Mary & Jess

Department of Psychology

Durham University


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