Research into Feeding Aspects in People with Williams Syndrome

Dear families,

Florencia Llona here again just providing an update on my post to WSI members dated the 7th of May.  See below for details of the survey I am conducting to investigate certain feeding aspects of individuals of with Williams Syndrome.

The survey will be available one more month for those who would like to collaborate and couldn’t do it yet, and then we’ll start with data analysis.

Best Regards,



WSI News 7th May 2020

My name is Florencia Llona, I am a student at Gimbernat University School – Cantabria (Spain), enrolled in the Master Program on Neurorehabilitation Advances of Communication and Motor Functions.At this moment I am working on my final thesis, directed by the professor Sonia Hernández Hernández.  Our purpose is to investigate about feeding aspects on people with Williams syndrome of which there isn’t a lot of science studies.

Our goal is to go deeper in the knowledge of certain feeding difficulties that people with Williams syndrome may have since infancy, and how these affect the quality of life. We do believe that every investigation contributes and helps to conduct specific treatments and approaches that are more beneficial to people with Williams syndrome and their families and/or caregivers.

To accomplish that, we want to ask for your collaboration to anonymously complete the survey we have attached in this email.

Of course, if you wish, the results of this investigation would be made available to you once it’s finished. Moreover, if you know a parent or caregiver of someone with Williams syndrome, you can send the link of the questionnaire to keep collaborating with us.

We thank you beforehand for your time and effort,

Best regards,

Florencia Llona






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